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Decision from USSF on NASL/USL

Delay of Game


Over the past several weeks there have been numberous thoughts, idea’s, and conspiracy theories written about what is to come of Division 2 soccer in the US. Today we may finally get answers to some questions. Like, will there be one division 2 league governed by USSF in which both groups would reside? Or more importantly to Atlanta fans is whether on not Atlanta will be involved it those plans this year.   

A few articles while we wait:   

Parties on call: USSF President Sunil Gulati, USSF CEO Dan Flynn, USL CEO Alec Papadakis, and NASL Acting Commissioner Jeff Cooper.   



2:43 tweet from bdure_usat  US Soccer announcement is out: Two six-team conferences in Div 2, one #USL, one #NASL   

2:45  Word is out: 

 NASL =  Baltimore (CP), Carolina, Miami, Montreal, St. Louis, Vancouver.  

USL = Minnesota, Rochester, Tampa Bay, Austin, Puerto Rico, Portland   

NO ATLANTA in either division for 2010.   


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3:00  It is as stated above w/ 2 Division with 6 teams each.  USSF have hands on role in overseeing the league for 2010.   

The legal disputes have been resolved. Now taking questions from the Press.  

On Atlanta & NY not making it: USSF “No Specific comment but both cities are looking towards participating in the future. ”  

 Jeff Cooper  “Atlanta had made clear from early stages that they could better prepare their market and team for the 2011 season.”  

Alec Papadakis “NY asked that they could wait until 2011 before entering the league.” 

Other points of interest: 

  • Everyone will play everyone and schedules will come out soon
  • USL & NASL focus on 2010 but both will begin looking at their long-term business plan
  • NY & ATL decisions made by those organizations, not USSF, USL, or NASL
  • Name: “USSF Division 2″ – willing to align with a corporate partner if interest is there for the next year.
  • USSF will not be as involved next year
  • Personal comment – I guess Atlanta will take Portland or Vancouver’s place once they move on the MLS

That’s all for now.  The Silverbacks won’t play till possibly 2011. 

Sorry for the messy blog. First time doing live posting. I will learn and work on improving things for the next goround. 

Announcement from USSF here.

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