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World Cup may be coming to Atlanta!

Almost a year ago exactly I started to wonder if Atlanta could be part of the US World Cup bidas FIFA began accepting submissions for the 2018/2022 World Cups.  There was also a lot of conversations going on about the Falcons getting a new home around that same time.  I sold the current GA Dome short on their ability to host international soccer prior to our Summer of Soccer. Regardless of that success I still hope we have an upgrade in 8 to 12 years.   Hopefully with at least a retractable roof Mr. Blank.

Atlanta has done a lot to impress the US Bid Committee recently and the World with the Olympics in 1996. Check out Wendy Parker’s article at Atlanta Soccer News for more insight into some of the things involved in helping secure this opportunity.  I guess now we’ll have to wait till FIFA makes there announcement in December on who gets the rights to host the 2018 & 2022 World Cups.  If the US is awarded the World Cup we may also find out if the number of stadiums gets reduced to the 9-12 as required by FIFA or the 14 the US Bid Committee would like to use for the games.

I didn’t make the World Cup last go around but there’s no way I’ll miss it this time.  How about you? Did you go in 1994? How far would you go to see a game if it wasn’t in your home town?

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  1. Cameron

    Luckily there are several sites not too far from Atlanta in Nashville, Tampa and Miami. Odds are even after the trim down at least one of those will be left. I went up to Nasville for the Trinidad WCQ and it wasn’t a bad drive and the atmosphere was great. Pretty psyched despite the long wait.

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