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Silverbacks Men’s team won’t return in 2011

UPDATE: SEE 11/11/10 post

On November 11th, 2008 the Atlanta Silverbacks men’s professional team announced they would sit out the 2009 season citing the economy and the potential of a Major League Soccer team coming to town.  There were also several fundamental issue’s the Silverbacks ownership had with how their league, United Soccer League, was structured and operated.

When word got out that a new league was being created from a group of USL teams it rejuvenated hope that Atlanta’s men’s team would return. To the disappointment of many, once the new North American Soccer League was officially recognized by USSF we learned that the Silverbacks would forgo the 2010 season as well but return in 2011. The site currently displays a Silverbacks logo with “2011″ written over the top. The About the NASL statement also includes the following:

In 2011, these teams will be joined by teams in Atlanta and certain other cities to be named later.

According to a source with knowledge of the Silverbacks plans they will not return until 2012 at the earliest. The conditions cited in 2008 still exist and will likely continue for several more years.  Until Atlanta is awarded a MLS team or MLS declares they will no longer expand there will always be discussions of Atlanta to MLS.  The current economy is still struggling and doesn’t show signs that would point to significant changes in the next couple of years.  However, those conditions exist in many of the other NASL & USL  markets and it hasn’t prevented them from putting a team on a field.  Many of the current clubs have teams but don’t own their stadium. Atlanta actually owns their stadium, but just won’t field a team.

Which do you think is more likely, MLS to Atlanta OR the Silverbacks men returning?  If either, when?

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Comments (10)

  1. Leroy

    Not only will the Silverbacks not return, their current field is in horrible condition, and would cost at least $1,000,000 to bring it back into professional playing condition.

    The owner is just not in the mood to lose any more money than he already has.

    Such is life in the soccer world in Atlanta, and one reason Atlanta will not have an MLS team in the near future either.

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  3. Bob

    I wonder who this un-named source is. Sounds fishy to me.

    • Scott

      Time will tell. However, my source has 1st hand knowledge, thus the reason they would prefer to remain un-named.

  4. Dave

    Why am I not surprised? Not fishy in the least. Boris would be better off running leagues and camps at his complex, and perhaps leasing the field to GSU or somebody for college games.

    And Leroy, the failure of the ‘Backs has absolutely nothing to do with MLS in Atlanta. MLS is so many levels above D-2 it’s not even funny. Just look at TO and Seattle; not saying ATL would replicate them exactly, but an MLS team here would be a difference between night and day to the Silverbacks.

  5. william joseph

    Yea, MLS is so much better than D2 that PRI beat the Galaxy 5-2 in CONCACAF. So much for being better.

  6. william joseph

    oops 5-3 two own goals by PR

  7. Dave

    Some MLS teams don’t take the USOC all that seriously.

  8. Andy

    Saying D2 is the equal of MLS on the basis of one result is like saying that the Kansas City Wizards would compete for a spot in the UEFA Champions League based on their 2-0 shorthanded win over Manchester United.

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