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MLS to Atlanta

Join us Monday, February 7th at 7:30 pm for the second Atlanta Online Soccer Summit. The topic of the night will be bringing MLS to Atlanta. Recently Don Garber met with the Miami Ultras around what steps fans could take to help bolster their chances of landing an expansion franchise. Many of those steps relate directly to Atlanta and during the discussion we’ll evaluate where things stand today and what fans can do to help improve Atlanta’s chances.

Joining us for the discussion will be Dan Courtemanche, Executive Vice President of Communication for Major League Soccer.

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The Atlanta Online Soccer Summit is sponsored by Soccer in the Streets and the Atlanta Soccer Blog.  Do you think fans can play a role in bringing MLS to Atlanta? If so, what do you think will make the biggest impact?

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  2. Alexandria

    Personally I think Atlanta has what it takes as long as expectations set by the ownership group are met. If an MLS team in Atlanta is marketed to fans like they do college sports we have a chance to do something special. I would love to see them bring back the chiefs with red and gold as our colors we could easily be called the golden reds. But as fans to be truly successful we have to incorporate the kids as early as 16 as junior supporters where when they are older they can automatically become full supporters. I think using social networking and getting the vibe and the movement out there this thing could really take off.

  3. Jim

    Atlanta needs what any area without an MLS needs to have. You need a deep-pocketed ownership group, an acceptable stadium situation, and $40 million for the expansion fee. End of story. If you can get some locals excited about it pre-event (like Philly’s Sons of Ben) that’d be nice but I don’t recall any large number of people clamoring for a team in Salt Lake prior to Dave Checketts buying in, do you?

  4. Matt

    First you need to support the team that already exists. Pack out the Silverbacks week in week out and support local professional soccer.

    (timbers, whitecaps, sounders and impact are proof positive of all of this)

    the ownership is there. parties are interested. you need a stadium near downtown. not in the suburbs, not in a football stadium, a stadium designed for soccer.

    You have to build cohesion amongst fans. dont have 400 websites for msl in atlanta or soccer support groups. have one unified support group. sons of ben, sounders supporters, timber army.

    thats what makes a team thrive. otherwise you end up with a half filled dallas soccer stadium in the northern suburbs of dallas.

    soccer specific stadium, community outreach, cohesion amongst support groups into a unified group and no pandering to non soccer fans. PANDER TO SOCCER FANS.

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